MIXED CHOIR a cappella

Duration: 2:35  |  1986, rev. 1994
Commissioned by the Vancouver Cantata Singers
English Text: By Composer, celebrating the City of Vancouver’s centenary

Christmas Child  |  Come Sing Noël
Duration: 4:00  |  2021
These two short contrasting Christmas pieces (approximately 2 minutes each) for unaccompanied choir create a cohesive set. However, they can also be sung separately, in which case their brevity would make them suitable not only for the concert stage but also for use within Christmas services and liturgies. Careful use of voice leading and attention to vocal ranges makes this choral music accessible to both amateur and professional groups.

Christmas Child

Softly sleeping the baby boy;
His mother watch is keeping, her heart full of joy.
O blessed child teach us how to love one another.

Newborn babe lies in a stable,
Humble dwelling, dark and small;
But his star shines like a beacon, a light for all.
Softly, sleeping the Christmas child.
Lead us, teach us, guide us towards peace.

Come Sing Noël

Sing Noel, Alleluja.
Jesus is born today, let us celebrate.
Sing Noel, Alleluja.
O earth, rejoice as one, the Son of God has come.
Jesus, Love Divine, is here on earth.
The angels joyfully announce his birth.
Magi bear gifts of gold, myrrh, and frankincense
to praise the newborn king.
O Lord bring us your light, set our hearts aright.
Let joy return, dispel the dark of night.
Alleluja. Come sing Noel.

Music available through J. W. Pepper

Come to Me
Duration: 3:30  |  2023
English Text: Matthew 11: 28–30

Duration: 4:00  |  1994
Commissioned by the CBC for the National Youth Choir of Canada
German Text: Rainer Maria Rilke “Die Sonette an Orpheus: Erster Teil XXI”

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In teifen Nächten
Duration: 6:30  |  2002 Revised 2022
Commissioned by the Elora Festival
German Text: Rainer Maria Rilke “Das Stunden-Buch II: Von der Pilgerschaft”

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Mesange-scan-1Mesange-scan-2Duration: 3:20  |  1998
French Text: Rainer Maria Rilke “Mésange”
Cypress Publishing CP 1047



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My World, My Heart
Duration: 4:00  |  2008
Commissioned by Island Voices Chamber Choir
English Text: Holly Benson

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Video Link to Vancouver Chamber Choir “Voices from Canada”

O Lacrimosa
Duration: 13:00  |  1993
Commissioned by the CBC for Chanticleer
German Text: Rainer Maria Rilke “Ô Lacrimosa”

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O süsses Licht
Ramona-O-Susses-Licht-1Ramona-O-Susses-Licht-2Duration: 7:15  |  2001
Latin Text: Requiem | German Text: Edith Stein

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Ruht wohl
Duration: 4:00  |  1998
Commissioned by the Vancouver Cantata Singers
German Text: Gertrud von Le Fort
Incorporates Chorus No. 67 “Ruht wohl ihr heiligen Gebeine” from Bach’s St. John Passion

Te lucis ante terminum
Duration: 3:00  |  2024
Latin Text: Evening Hymn, Office of Compline

Tenebrae factae sunt

CP-1006-Tenebrae-Factae-Sunt-copyDuration: 4:30  |  1983
SATB choir with alto solo
Latin Text: Sacred Traditional
Cypress Publishing CP 1006



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There is No Rose of Such Virtue
Duration: 3:45  |  2024
English Text: Anonymous c. 1420

MIXED CHOIR accompanied

A Wedding Benediction
Duration: 1:10  |  2015
SATB choir with piano
Commissioned by Jocelyn Pritchard in celebration of her granddaughter’s wedding
English Text: Paraphrase of Samuel Wesley’s Covenant Prayer

Autumn Glory
Duration: 3:30  |  2019
SATB choir with piano
Commissioned by Dr. Daniel and Maxine Shu
English Text: Gregory S. Orr
Cypress Publishing CP 1873

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Ave Maria
Duration: 4:30  |  1988
SATB choir with optional organ doubling
Latin Text: Sacred Traditional

Duration: 4:30  |  2018
SATB choir with piano
(also available for women’s choir with piano)
Commissioned by Orpheus Choir of Toronto
Latin Text: From the 13th century Carmina Burana

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How the Blossoms Are Falling
Duration: 5:30  |  2023
(new arrangement for mixed choir)
Commissioned by Kathrine Whitney for Sing the North family of choirs
English Text: Joy Kogawa “Forgiveness”

In the Bleak Midwinter
Duration: 3:00  |  2024
Arrangement of G. Holst setting
English Text: Traditional Christmas

Laudate Dominum

Laudate-1Laudate-2Duration: 3:00  |  2006
SATB choir with piano
Commissioned by the BC Choral Federation for 2007 Seniors’ Chorfest
Latin Text: Sacred Traditional


Laus Trinitati
Duration: 4:00  |  1993
Commissioned by Elizabeth Rowlinson
Latin Text: Hildegard von Bingen [from Symphonia armonie celestium revelationum]

O Magnum Mysterium

O-Magnum-Mysterium-1O-Magnum-Mysterium-2Duration: 7:50  |  2000
SATB choir with harp; optional shorter version without harp
Commissioned by Laudate Singers

Latin Christmas Text: Sacred Traditional


Duration: 4:30  |  2002
SATB choir with piano
Commissioned by Powell River Chorus
English Text: Shakespeare [from Henry VIII]

Padre Pio’s Prayer
Duration: 5:00  |  2013
SATB choir with piano
Commissioned by Amabilis Singers
Italian Text: Francesco Forgione [Padre Pio of Pietrelcina]

Te Deum
Duration: 3:00 or 8:00*  |  2014
SATB choir with organ
Commissioned by Shaughnessy Heights United Church
Latin Text: Traditional
*The full length of this composition is 8:00. However, mm. 1–71 can be performed as a complete work of 3 minutes in length, similarly ending on a very jubilant note.

Te Deum Interview

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The Harmony of Souls
Duration: 3:00  |  2014
SATB choir with piano
Commissioned by Charlotte and Peter Burns on their 50th Anniversary
English Text: William Shakespeare [from The Merchant of Venice]

We Shall Hear the Angels Sing
Duration: 8:00  |  2010
SATB choir with piano and handbells
Commissioned by Amabilis Singers on their 30th Anniversary
Latin Christmas Text: Puer natus in Bethlehem | English Text: Chekov [from Uncle Vanya]

You Who Bear the Light
Duration: 11:30  |  2022
Commissioned by Amabilis Singers
English Texts: 3 poems by Jan Richardson
Composed as a set, but each piece can also be sung separately
Blessed Are You Who Bear the Light (3:30)
Where the Light Begins (3:30)
What Fire Comes to Sing in You (4:30)